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First drug to treat ‘full spectrum’ of chronic heart failure approved by UK regulator: Empagliflozin is the only licensed treatment for adults with symptomatic chronic heart failure with preserved or reduced ejection fraction Bracknell, UK, 14 June 2022 – The UK medicines regulator has approved empagliflozin as a treatment for adults with symptomatic chronic heart […]

June 14, 2022

UK Heart Failure Patient Charter Launch 2022

Download our patient charter People interacting with healthcare services must be treated with respect. They must have equal, timely and appropriate access to optimal treatments and care, as outlined by national and international guidelines. Equally, that respect must be reciprocated to healthcare professionals. People must understand all communication at the point of discussion, explained clearly […]

June 5, 2022

Living well with Heart Failure report 2022

Part of our mission at the Pumping Marvellous Foundation is to raise the profile of Heart Failure, which we have always felt, doesn’t get the coverage it should. As a result, it has a lower profile than other conditions with similar or lesser levels of incidence, both amongst the public and policy makers. Working with our colleagues […]

April 7, 2022

Legal right to 2 week review of patients with suspected heart failure (HF)

The 2010 NICE guidelines recommend that patients with suspected HF should be reviewed by a specialist – within 2 weeks for urgent cases. Patients are presently waiting up to 20 weeks for specialist assessment. More details The Government should ensure that this recommended right to a review within 2 weeks is set out in law. […]

March 24, 2021

Heart Failure Marvellous Award Winners 2021 for their outstanding contribution

Heart Failure Doctors, Nurses, NHS Teams, Patients and Carers  recognised for marvellous quality of care by the UK’s Heart Failure charity. The Pumping Marvellous Foundation awards are announced for outstanding contribution to Heart Failure services. Preston, Lancashire, UK, December 2020 –  Awards are currently being received by Health Care Professionals this week alongside a personalised commendation […]

December 14, 2020

Alice Fearn and Jai McDowall – Music Will Live in Our Hearts

West End Stars join forces to raise awareness of heart failure Stars’ charity single reassures people with heart failure that there is hope Stars and musicians from the West End stage, including Alice Fearn and Jai Mcdowall, have released a Christmas Charity single to generate awareness of heart failure, along with raising funds for the […]

December 7, 2020

World’s First Self-Management Advent Calendar Launches

The Pumping Marvellous Foundation the UK’s Heart Failure Charity launches it’s Christmas Advent Calendar. The World’s First Self-Management Advent Calendar This year we have gone for a unique concept where every door of the advent calendar has a message from either patients, doctors, nurses or specialist exercise experts on how to better self-manage if you […]

December 1, 2020

Ways In Which To Support Heart Failure Foundations

Ways In Which To Support Heart Failure Foundations As the name suggests, heart failure is an extremely dangerous condition that is typically caused due to the organ lacking the strength required to pump efficiently; subsequently, blood is not able to efficiently circulate around the body. It is important to note that there are a number […]

June 28, 2020

Being There For A Loved One Who Is Diagnosed With Heart Failure

If someone close to you, whether it is a family member or a friend, has recently received a long term medical diagnosis like heart failure, it goes without saying that it can be upsetting. They will probably need some time to get their head around what they have just been told and to come to […]

June 12, 2020

COVID19, heart failure and the future

From the patient position, there is utter confusion on many levels with regards to their heart failure and COVID-19. Take the problem into your own hands, we say. However, this is just one portion of the problem. The conversation then flows towards the melting away of services under the heat of COVID19. How do patients […]

April 23, 2020

Clinical Trials Newsflash – Effect of the COVID-19 virus outbreak

Clinical Trials Newsflash Very few new research projects on heart failure are likely to start until the COVID-19 virus pandemic is over Most existing clinical trials will stop enrolling new patients if this requires any face-to-face visits People who have already joined a clinical trial will be asked to continue only if it’s safe. Follow-up […]

March 19, 2020

Advice regarding ACE and ARB’s and COVID-19

ADVICE FOR PATIENTS TAKING ACE INHIBITORS (ACEi) OR ANGIOTENSIN RECEPTOR BLOCKERS (ARBs) AND CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) INFECTION It has been suggested that Hypertension (high blood pressure) may be associated with an increased risk of death in patients admitted to hospital with Coronavirus infection. Social media sites and some newspapers have speculated that this may be linked […]

March 18, 2020

COVID-19 uninterrupted service

CEO Statement – Nick Hartshorne-Evans COVID-19 uninterrupted service Due to UK Government advice, the Pumping Marvellous Foundation has temporarily closed our offices. This means we will be operating as usual with the team retiring to their families at home, and this means we are fully operational. As you know, we are a dynamic and athletic […]

March 17, 2020

Success in Heart Failure

In the Guardian Newspaper for World Heart Day 29th September 2019 Read our article in the cardiovascular supplement in the Guardian on the 29th September 2019 Visit PMTVLive – The Pumping Marvellous Foundations YouTube channel Visit Heart Failure Aware – The Pumping Marvellous Foundations awareness page If you need help and you have heart failure […]

September 29, 2019

Suck a Lemon Challenge 2019

THE VAN-GUARDS KEEPING BRITISH HEARTS PUMPING WITH A DOSE OF LEMON-AID Preston (plus 34 other stops around the UK!), 7 May 2019: Hitting the M6 today is a bright yellow van to drive awareness of just how much ‘heart failure sucks’ this Heart Failure Awareness Week (6-12 May). Driver Nick, diagnosed with heart failure in […]

May 4, 2019