Living well with Heart Failure report 2022

Living well with heart failure

Part of our mission at the Pumping Marvellous Foundation is to raise the profile of Heart Failure, which we have always felt, doesn’t get the coverage it should.

As a result, it has a lower profile than other conditions with similar or lesser levels of incidence, both amongst the public and policy makers.

Working with our colleagues from the University of Lancaster has confirmed that to be the case, and it leads to an obvious next question; what are we going to do about it? This report is part of the answer to that question. It is a step along the path to raising the profile of Heart Failure. We want to use data and academic studies; we want to tell real stories from our amazing and committed Pumping Marvellous Heart Failure patient and family community; and we want to continue to work with our world leading team of clinical advisers, to improve people’s lives.

This report lays bare the difficulty we have talking about Heart Failure, both in terms of how seldom it is spoken about, and the context it is used in. As you will see, it has negative associations, different from those of other conditions and this must have an impact on the way it is viewed. We want to begin to alter that perception by highlighting the problems, and also pointing out the success stories. We are under no illusion that a diagnosis of Heart Failure is a major shock to people, but we want to make clear that it is treatable, manageable, and that people can – and are – living well with their diagnosis of Heart Failure. This report won’t alter those perceptions by
itself, and it won’t be achieved quickly, but we are determined that it will happen.

By raising the profile of the condition, we hope to be able to drive continuing improvements in the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with Heart Failure. We want to give as many people as possible the best chance to live well with Heart Failure.

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Nick Hartshorne-Evans CEO
Pumping Marvellous Foundation

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