Marvellous Mentor GM

Marvellous Mentors

Marvellous Mentors GM Thinking about health system challenges differently. Our latest project with Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. Thinking about plugging service provision in #heartfailure by raising the profile of the condition and how to get the patient to the specialist where their prognosis is better. Marvellous Mentors GM introduces our Atrium 51 Launchpad […]

Heart Failure Nurse Audit 2018

Heart Failure Nurse Audit Data

Heart Failure Nurse Audit Data The Pumping Marvellous Foundation has just finished completing the first national audit of the provisioning of heart failure nurse services across the UK. The Pumping Marvellous Foundation is beginning to release the heart failure nurse audit data to coincide with heart failure awareness week. The Foundation knows that patients and […]

Press Release Parliamentary Heart Failure Inquiry

Press Release :: Parliamentary Heart Failure Inquiry

Parliamentary heart failure inquiry highlights 10 key recommendations as to where the NHS could improve treatment to people diagnosed with Heart Failure “The Pumping Marvellous Foundation, the UK’s patient led Heart Failure Charity welcomes 10 key recommendations which are essential to improving the care for Heart Failure patients in the UK” Tuesday 13th September 2016 […]

National Heart Failure Audit 2014-15

National Heart Failure Audit 2014/15

National Heart Failure Audit 2014/15 published “The National Heart Failure Audit Report of 2014/15 continues to draw our attention to the high mortality rates for hospitalized heart failure patients. It also highlights potential solutions. Patients with heart failure have a lower mortality during and after the admission if they are cared for by cardiologists and […]

MedTech Week: Heart Failure Patient Innovation Nick Hartshorne Evans

MedTech Week: Heart Failure Patient Innovation

For MedTech Week, leader of HF advocacy and the heart failure patient conversation, Nick Hartshorne Evans explains how and why patient-led heart failure communities are driving access to the latest heart failure information, innovations and therapies MedTech Week: How to Enable Access to Innovation in Heart Failure for Patients? QUESTION: As an active leader in […]

Nick Hartshorne Evans Treating Heart Failure Open Letter

Treating Heart Failure – Open Letter to The Telegraph

    Nick Hartshorne Evans’ Voices Concern in Open Letter to The Telegraph – Treating Heart Failure Following news from the recent studies about a 36% rise in heart failure hospitalisations in the past decade, Pumping Marvellous founder, Nick Hartshorne Evans’ sends an open letter to The Telegraph raising his concerns about the growth and […]

Parliamentary Heart Failure Inquiry Discussion Sessions

Parliamentary Heart Failure Inquiry

INVITATION: Discussion Sessions for APPG Heart Failure Inquiry The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Heart Disease (a group of MPs and Peers with an interest in this issue) is currently holding an Inquiry into living with heart failure. The Heart Failure Inquiry is covering the diagnosis, treatment and care, both in hospital and the community, […]