Treating Heart Failure – Open Letter to The Telegraph

Nick Hartshorne Evans Treating Heart Failure Open Letter



Nick Hartshorne Evans’ Voices Concern in Open Letter to The Telegraph – Treating Heart Failure

Following news from the recent studies about a 36% rise in heart failure hospitalisations in the past decade, Pumping Marvellous founder, Nick Hartshorne Evans’ sends an open letter to The Telegraph raising his concerns about the growth and impact of this chronic, life-limiting condition, HF care and treating heart failure for the growing number of heart failure patients in the UK.

“Improving access to effective care, such as that provided by heart failure specialist nurses, would result in major savings – and, more importantly, would have a huge impact on the health outcomes and quality of life for people living with heart failure.”


Heart failure treatment - Open Letter to The Telegraph


To see read our open letter on The Telegraph’s website please click here.


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