Let’s not beat about the bush, sorry for the pun. The biggest way you can help the Pumping Marvellous Foundation is by donating or fundraising. Heart Failure affects up to a million people in the UK. However, every penny we receive from you we use to help support our patient community. Your donations will help us to produce and distribute our Marvellous catalogue of patient literature free of charge to NHS teams right across the UK, there isn’t a postcode we don’t deliver our valuable patient resources to. We also use funds to build awareness of heart failure and run projects that make a difference to actual people living with the condition.

Examples of funded work include

We are about impact not more talk. If you would like to hear more on how we use donations, please get in contact.

To make it as easy as possible for you to donate we’ve given you a number of different ways to do this:





Donate or Set up your own Fundraiser


Offers Singe or Repeat Donation Options
Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook Fundraisers

Donate or Set up your own Fundraiser
By Cheque

By Cheque

Cheques made payable to “Pumping Marvellous Foundation” Business First, Millennium City Park, Millennium Road, Preston, PR2 5BL


One click Donation Method Supports Apple Pay, Google Pay and Debit cards

Why Support Pumping Marvellous

Pumping Marvellous is the only patient-led heart failure charity in the UK. Our responsibility is to help in excess of 1 million people to live better with heart failure. This not only covers the patients’ and their families’ understanding of the condition and how best to self-manage but also their mental health needs.

By supporting Pumping Marvellous, you will be directly investing in improving people’s ability to live with their heart failure.

Examples of this include:

 • Our online communities

 • Our educational materials

 • Supplying over 200,000 pieces of patient information to NHS teams every year

Head over to our Projects page to find out about our other projects.


Whether you enjoy running, cycling, swimming or walking – we have an event for you! Or you can design your own event instead.

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In Memory

Losing someone is never easy. One of the ways people can help process their loss, is setting up a tribute page. Share pictures and special memories of the person and encourage others to do the same.

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Make a Will

Can you help us by considering putting the Pumping Marvellous Foundation in your “Will” to help people living with heart failure?

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Volunteering can be very fulfilling especially if the cause is close to your heart.

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Partnerships and Funders

The Pumping Marvellous Foundation works with all stakeholders in heart failure. We believe the challenges of heart failure are vast. Not one group or individual stakeholder in heart failure can deliver impact like a collegiate approach.

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Corporate Partnership

Are you considering supporting a charity? Why not consider Pumping Marvellous. We are the UK’s patient-led heart failure charity providing support to up to 1 million heart failure patients in the UK, along with their families.

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Donating whilst shopping

With the massive increase in online shopping it is becoming easier and easier to donate through shopping at no cost to the shopper. Simply register your accounts today and search for Pumping Marvellous.

Easy Fundraising – Halsway Manor


We’d like to highlight some alternative ways that our supporters have raised funds for Pumping Marvellous

  • Crafting and selling  
  • Coffee mornings
  • Facebook appeals
  • Charity Auctions
  • Twitch Gaming Challenges

Physical activities aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and there are plenty of alternatives out there. Do you have an idea that you want to discuss with us? Please get in contact to discuss how we can help you.

Secret sauce

Dictionary – “A special quality or feature regarded as the chief factor in the success of something or someone.”

So, what’s your “Secret Sauce?” What makes you tick?

At Pumping Marvellous, we know it takes some real inner drive to live well with heart failure. Pumping Marvellous are Secret Sauce catalysts; we draw out people’s inner Secret Sauce, people’s superpowers and enable other people to learn from other people’s experiences.

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About us

Who, What, Why?

We are the Pumping Marvellous Foundation, the UK’s heart failure patient-led charity. Find out more about why we do what we do.
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Get involved

The Pumping Marvellous Foundation are a UK patient led heart failure charity. To find out how you can get involved click below.
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The Pumping Marvellous charity shop is full of our own branded merchandise. By purchasing our merchandise, you will help us fund our projects.
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