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Losing someone is never easy. One of the ways people can help process their loss, is setting up a tribute page. Share pictures and special memories of the person and encourage others to do the same. 

We have two ways you can do this through our preferred platforms. Click below to see what they offer. 

Much Loved:

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Funeral Service Collections 

If you have organised a funeral collection, please post a cheque along with details for the name of the person you have collected for and your name and address so that we can send you a letter of acknowledgement.

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Click here for alternate ways to pay in your collection.


In memory fundraising

Do you have an idea for an event that you would like to do in order to raise funds in memory of a person? Please get in contact with us to see how we can help you make it happen.



Jamie Wilding, a staunch Luton FC supporter and a very much-loved member of our Pumping Marvellous community, worked tirelessly on behalf of Pumping Marvellous to help raise awareness of Heart Failure, all the while managing severe symptoms of heart failure. When he sadly passed away in 2020, his family and friends contacted us for our help in arranging a fundraising event in his honour.  They completed a very moving fundraising walk in July of 2021 to the heart of Luton Town Football Club’s Kenilworth Road ground. We were very proud to have been able to contribute in helping to organise this touching event to celebrate the life of Jamie. The event raised over £3300, with the support of Luton Town’s Chairman and Directors. The monies will be used to help support others affected by heart failure.


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Secret sauce

Dictionary – “A special quality or feature regarded as the chief factor in the success of something or someone.”

So, what’s your “Secret Sauce?” What makes you tick?

At Pumping Marvellous, we know it takes some real inner drive to live well with heart failure. Pumping Marvellous are Secret Sauce catalysts; we draw out people’s inner Secret Sauce, people’s superpowers and enable other people to learn from other people’s experiences.

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Who, What, Why?

We are the Pumping Marvellous Foundation, the UK’s heart failure patient-led charity. Find out more about why we do what we do.
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The Pumping Marvellous Foundation are a UK patient led heart failure charity. To find out how you can get involved click below.
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The Pumping Marvellous charity shop is full of our own branded merchandise. By purchasing our merchandise, you will help us fund our projects.
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