UK Heart Failure Patient Charter Launch 2022

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People interacting with healthcare services must be treated with respect. They must have equal, timely and appropriate access to optimal treatments and care, as outlined by national and international guidelines. Equally, that respect must be reciprocated to healthcare professionals.

People must understand all communication at the point of discussion, explained clearly and in an understandable format. Healthcare professionals should validate patient understanding to foster a relationship where the patient should always feel at ease to ask any questions about their situation.

It is also vital that patients feel engaged with their various health teams. This leads to patients and their families having optimal confidence in their treatment and care.

Our “Patient Charter” is for both patients and their families, Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals, Government, Politicians, Academics and providers of goods and services to the UK health economy.

We have provided you with a glossary which will help you navigate some of the terminology, even though we have tried to reduce the jargon and acronyms. All medical terminology is written down in understandable language on the next page. It is highlighted in the charter with the terminology being asterisked.

Our heart failure patient charter is there to be used by all to influence the best treatments and care possible.

Nick Hartshorne-Evans
CEO and Founder
The Pumping Marvellous Foundation

Download our patient charter

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