COVID-19 uninterrupted service

Pumping Marvellous Never Give up on Heart Failure

CEO Statement – Nick Hartshorne-Evans

COVID-19 uninterrupted service

Due to UK Government advice, the Pumping Marvellous Foundation has temporarily closed our offices. This means we will be operating as usual with the team retiring to their families at home, and this means we are fully operational.

As you know, we are a dynamic and athletic UK charity. We can adapt very quickly with mobile systems and remote working. We will continue with our tactical activities and strategic plans, interlocking with all stakeholders and parts of the system.

We have, of course, cancelled all actual travel and face to face volunteering. Due to the temporary activity halt, this has enabled us to switch even more resources over to our social platforms which, as you know, are globally significant. We have upgraded our communication platform to allow us to have reach into our communities that will be first in class and unique. Below is the list of services we are still providing.

  • Distribution of our Heart Failure patient information. Just last week we sent out over 6,500 marvellous guides and posters which was one of our most significant weeks – order here
  • Supporting the largest non-profit patient communities in heart failure – come and give us a like and follow on Heart Failure Aware our campaign page
  • Delivering insights and help to the largest Heart Failure Nurse Community on line where our numbers have just tipped 600 heart failure specialist nurses. 563 are from the UK, and the rest are from Australia, Germany, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Sweden to name a few
  • Providing patient insights and steer to our partners across the globe including the NHS and NICE in the UK, trialists, organisational stakeholders, TECH and Life Science organisations and anybody who wants to help us build the awareness of heart failure
  • We are continuing with all the projects we have committed to and been funded for, although we have had to manage some slippage. Just a re-gearing exercise

We are going to keep this all working during testing times for everybody.




Heart Failure Aware

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