World’s First Self-Management Advent Calendar Launches

The Pumping Marvellous Foundation the UK’s Heart Failure Charity launches it’s Christmas Advent Calendar.

The World’s First Self-Management Advent Calendar

This year we have gone for a unique concept where every door of the advent calendar has a message from either patients, doctors, nurses or specialist exercise experts on how to better self-manage if you have heart failure, even a guest appearance by Santa himself.

“We know how important self management and self care is if you have heart failure. Through the COVID-19  pandemic we have stressed the importance of equipping people, living with heart failure, with the tools to help them manage better. We asked some of our amazing supporters to help support the initiative. We now have 25 windows on our advent calendar, each containing golden nuggets of information.” says Nick Hartshorne-Evans, CEO and Founder of the Pumping Marvellous Foundation.

To see who’s behind the window each day keep coming back to this link here Christmas Advent Calendar

If you need help and support with living better with your heart failure please visit our support group – Help For Hearts


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