HeartLogic devices

HeartLogic Diagnostic tool may reduce further hospitalisations

Please note this is a press release from Boston Scientific Europe talking about their new innovation HeartLogic Boston Scientific Launches the HeartLogic™* Heart Failure Diagnostic in Europe The HeartLogic Diagnostic is the first and only heart failure diagnostic tool proven to detect 70% of heart failure events several weeks in advance, potentially reducing further hospitalisation […]

Heart Failure Infographic

Heart Failure Infographic

Heart Failure Infographic makes Heart Failure clearer for everyone Heart failure is a syndrome caused by many different reasons. We have produced this heart failure infographic to help people understand – What it is What are the common symptoms of heart failure What are the common causes of heart failure Some facts and figures around […]

Sensible Medical Innovations' Sensi-Vest - SMILE Study

Non-Invasive Fluid Status Monitor Trial

First Patient Enrolled in the SMILE Study, Sensible Medical Innovation’s Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) Designed to Measure ReDS™ Technology Impact on Heart Failure Rehospitalisations – Fluid Status Monitor Sensible Medical Innovations, focused on the commercialization of a non-invasive thoracic fluid status monitor based on ReDS™ medical radar technology, today announced enrollment of the first patient […]

Missing the Signs of Heart Failure?

Are you missing the signs of Heart Failure? Pumping Marvellous’ campaign on World Heart Day to prevent missing the signs of heart failure. It can be surprisingly easy to miss the signs of heart failure. Misdiagnosis is a common story, leading to unnecessary delays in access to vital, life-saving treatment. Public awareness remains low, which is […]

Air Pollution and Heart Failure

Air Pollution and Heart Failure British Heart Foundation Press Release. In a huge study, scientists at the University of Edinburgh found that even brief exposure to air pollution increases hospital admissions and death rates among people living with heart failure. The study spanned 12 countries and nearly 4 million heart failure patients. Dr Anoop Shah, Researcher at […]

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