Heart failure symptoms missed

Heart failure missed symptoms

IN THE NEWS: Community member Fran’s heart failure symptoms were absolutely textbook — so why did she have to wait well over a year for a diagnosis? Why were her heart failure symptoms missed?

“Early diagnosis can add three or more years of good quality life,” adds Professor Cleland. However, earlier this year a study by researchers from the University of Oxford, published in PLoS Medicine, found doctors are far more likely to miss the signs of heart failure in women, with women 9 per cent less likely to be diagnosed correctly by GPs than men.

However, currently two thirds of all heart failure cases are only diagnosed when they are so severe they require hospital treatment. Earlier diagnosis improves lives and enables faster access to potentially life-saving and damage limiting treatments.

A simple £15 blood test [natriueretic peptide blood test – NT-proBNP] has been recommended by National Institute for Health and Care Excellenceto quickly identify heart failure in primary care since 2010. #OneSimpleBloodTest

Read Fran’s interview with the Daily Mail, who direct readers to our heart failure charity the Pumping Marvellous Foundation to find out more about heart failure.


Where did you receive a heart failure diagnois? In primary care with your GP or after hospitalisation?

Were your heart failure symptoms missed?

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