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Cause of Heart Failure in Pregnant Women Identified PPCM

Penn Researchers Identify Cause of Heart Failure in Pregnant Women Data shows genetic mutation in the TITIN protein causes Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Each year approximately 1 in 1,000 pregnant women will experience peripartum cardiomyopathy, PPCM, an uncommon form of often severe heart failure that occurs in the final month of pregnancy or up to five months […]

January 7, 2016

Stimulating Heart Muscle Cell Growth Breakthrough

Scientists have discovered a way to stimulate muscle cell growth in the heart, limiting the damage to this vital organ after a heart attack. It’s hoped this exciting research, where scientists discover how to stimulate heart muscle cell growth (within the theart), which was conducted by Professor Eldad Tzahor from the Weizmann Institute of Science […]

January 5, 2016

Unsynching the Heartbeat Daily Suppresses Heart Failure

Short daily exposure to “asynchrony” using a pacemaker may jump-start a suite of recovery mechanisms, experiments suggest Johns Hopkins has demonstrated in animals that unsynching the heartbeat, by applying a pacemaker’s mild electrical shocks to push the heart in and out of normal synchronized contraction for part of each day may be an effective way […]

January 4, 2016

2015 You’re Marvellous Awards

The Winners of the 2015 “You’re Marvellous” Awards have been announced. Heart Failure Health Care Professionals recognised for marvellous quality of care Leading heart failure charity, The Pumping Marvellous Foundation, awards UK health care professionals for being simply marvellous 5 Healthcare Professionals have been recognised for their marvellous work with heart failure patients. Preston, Lancashire […]

December 21, 2015