New Patient Version of Chronic Heart Failure Guidelines

New Patient Version of Chronic Heart Failure Guidelines

SIGN Publish New Chronic Heart Failure Guidelines Version for Patients

A new patient version of the SIGN Chronic Heart Failure guidelines was published this week for people with Chronic ‪‎Heart Failure‬ in Scotland and their family, friends and carers. This new booklet explains the recommendations set out in a clinical guideline (published in March) produced by the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) about the care you may need.

The patient version of SIGN’s Chronic Heart Failure Guidelines covers:
• what chronic heart failure is;
• what causes it;
• what the symptoms are;
• how it is diagnosed;
• how it is treated; and
• what you can do to help yourself.

The guideline is based on what SIGN know from current medical research. There is also some advice based on the opinion of health-care professionals who are trained on how best to manage your care.

To download the full new patient version click here.

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