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NICE Chronic Heart Failure Guidelines 2018

The “Gold standard care in the NHS” we sat on the committee as the patient committee member, see what you should be getting.

Heart Failure Nurse Audit 2018 | Pumping Marvellous


A pioneering project to map heart failure nurse services across the UK and why this was important for the patient.

Marvellous Mentors | Pumping Marvellous

Marvellous Mentors

Our programme about thinking differently, helping people live better with heart failure at home.

Pumping Marvellous Foundation

Heart Failure Surveys

We open up our insights to you. Patient insights that shape care and treatment.

Suck a Lemon Challenge

Heart Failure

Parallel Hearts

Benefits Assistance | Pumping Marvellous

Benefits Assistance

An important area of support for people with heart failure, it’s the help they need.

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Travel insurance

Living as normal a life as you can by going on holiday surely a human right, see how you can with the appropriate travel insurance.