My Marvellous Guide to medicines for heart failure

Welcome to the “Marvellous Guide for Medicines for Heart Failure”. Over the last twenty years there have been significant developments in the treatment for heart failure, and these have been shown to improve your quality of life and extend your life expectancy. There has also been tremendous development in care and services that will support you going forward to live well with heart failure.

We would like to start off and thank our team of patient educators who have helped create this guide. They have given their insights into a positive life they have achieved because of heart failure medication. Thank you also to the wider patient community on our closed Facebook group who, on a daily basis, give peer to peer support and share their experiences of what it is like to live with heart failure and the role that their medicines play. If you search “Help for Hearts” in Facebook you too can join the community. Finally, thank you to the members of our Clinical Board who have ensured the clinical information contained in the guide is correct.

We would also recommend you visit the following website and hear patients talk about the medicines that they take. 

Your Journey

From the moment you’re diagnosed with heart failure you’re opened up to a whole new world. Changes seem to come at you all at once. You will experience new terminology, tests, scans, lifestyle changes and a bewildering array of medication. You’ll also hear many people’s opinions on what you should be doing so as you can see there’s a lot to take on board and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. At the Pumping Marvellous Foundation we believe that everyone needs a hand getting onto this first step on your journey to help you live well with heart failure.

Our patient educators have shared with us their experiences of being told that they had heart failure. Some received little or no information on their condition or how it was to be treated. Others say they just couldn’t take in what was being said, due to shock or because they were so unwell. You may wish to know everything right from the beginning, for others the bare minimum of information is all they feel they can cope with.

At the Pumping Marvellous Foundation we appreciate everyone approaches their diagnosis and management of their condition differently. This guide is here to support you in understanding the array of medication that may have been given to treat your heart failure. Our community of patients often tell of the shock they get on receiving ‘a bag full of pills’. Use the guide as an initial introduction to your medicines, or an ongoing resource to support you with managing your heart failure. Managing your heart failure is important and our “Marvellous Big Pocket Guide to Heart Failure” is a great way of grasping some ways you can live well with heart failure and our “Marvellous Map of Heart Failure.” Our “Navigating your way around heart failure treatments” explains the care and treatment you should expect on your journey with managing your heart failure.












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