Online Resources

Pumping Marvellous offer a wide range of online resources to help you better understand heart failure, self-manage your condition, and support the charity. Have a look below at the resources you can access.


Social Media

Follow us on social media to receive regular updates from us about fundraising events, recent campaigns and living well with heart failure. 



We have a variety of video resources to help you stay active and healthy including Cardiac Rehab and Gentle PT sessions:

Watch them here 


Patient Guides

All our patient-friendly heart failure guides are available to download for free to help you self-manage and better understand your condition.

See them here 


Patient Charter

Our heart failure patient charter is here to be used by all to influence the best treatments and care possible.

Read it here 


Living Well with Heart Failure Report

Part of our mission at the Pumping Marvellous Foundation is to raise the profile of Heart Failure, which we have always felt, doesn’t get the coverage it should. This report is part of the solution to this problem.

Read it here 



If you would like to support the charity and ensure we can continue to do the work we do, feel free to donate.

Donate here: Enthuse or JustGiving



Listen to our Secret Sauce podcasts where we go beyond heart failure as we talk to patients and cardiologists and find out what makes them tick.

Listen here 



If you would like to find clinical trials for heart failure that meet your needs and requirements, sign up for a free account on our innovative CardioTrials platform.

Register here 


Secret sauce

Dictionary – “A special quality or feature regarded as the chief factor in the success of something or someone.”

So, what’s your “Secret Sauce?” What makes you tick?

At Pumping Marvellous, we know it takes some real inner drive to live well with heart failure. Pumping Marvellous are Secret Sauce catalysts; we draw out people’s inner Secret Sauce, people’s superpowers and enable other people to learn from other people’s experiences.

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