2017 Most Read Heart Failure Information

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Top 5: 2017 Most Read

As 2017 draws to a close, browse Pumping Marvellous’ Top 5 2017 most read pages and downloads:

  • Heart Failure Toolkits Download
    Pumping Marvellous’ series of Heart Failure Toolkits which help patients and carers self manage their condition better. Written by patients for patients.
  • Medications for Heart Failure
    When you have heart failure one of the cornerstones to support proper functioning of your heart is medication. There are many different medications for heart failure. They are generally broken into Beta Blockers, ACE inhibitors, ARNI’s, ARB’s and diuretics
  • What is Heart Failure?
    What is heart failure? It does not mean your heart is about to stop. Heart failure, is an unfortunate phrase which describes a set of conditions. The Pumping Marvellous Foundation like to call heart failure “heart inefficiency” or just HF. However you describe it it means that your heart is not working properly. Although heart failure is caused by many different conditions the reality is that they all affect your hearts ability to pump nutrient rich oxygenated blood around the body.
  • Newly Diagnosed with Heart Failure
    Being newly diagnosed with heart failure is a traumatic event. Getting to grips with being newly diagnosed heart failure starts with acceptance.
  • Mood Of the Nation
    With the many challenges that people with heart failure, their carers and families face, we believe that creating a big conversation through our live surveys will help influence change to enable people manage their heart failure better and improve access to the best treatments and care. If you are a patient or carer living with heart failure come and tell us how you are feeling today.
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