Living With Heart Failure Infographic #HFpatientsTellUs

Living with Heart Failure Infographic - Slide 1

Our Heart Failure Community Share the Impact of Heart Failure, Their Self Care Priorities, How They Feel, and What They Want from Future Medical Therapy, with our New Living with Heart Failure Infographic.

We asked our heart failure community how they feel about heart failure, in a 5-minute poll, enabling insight and opening the door on their lives with the condition. We are delighted to share these results with you with our Living With Heart Failure infographic.


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“The age of medicines and clinical interventions being the only way of treating and managing a condition like heart failure is drawing to a close. But, before I get shot down in flames, I am not saying that what Doctors and Nurses do isn’t valuable, of course it is and should be at the centre of every person’s team who is managing their heart failure.


I would challenge that apart from patients popping pills and agreeing to procedures, do we really know how patients behave and react to having a long-term condition like heart failure? What is it really like to be living with heart failure? Do we know how they access knowledge and what is their propensity to take this on board and use it? Do they engage with the system and do they know about clinical trials?


This infographic looks at a cross-section of people managing their heart failure. So why do heart failure patients on the survey access digital resource so much, and why do people use Facebook groups?


Hopefully you’ll gain some insights into how to engage with patients in the heart failure community and how they may want to learn.” – Nick Hartshorne Evans. Founder and CEO of The Pumping Marvellous Foundation.

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