Heart Failure Infographic

Heart Failure Infographic

Heart Failure Infographic makes Heart Failure clearer for everyone Heart failure is a syndrome caused by many different reasons. We have produced this heart failure infographic to help people understand – What it is What are the common symptoms of heart failure What are the common causes of heart failure Some facts and figures around […]

PPCM Awareness Steering Committee

New PPCM Awareness Steering Committee

PPCM Awareness Steering Committee – A New Birth of Awareness for Heart Failure Mums Inaugural Meeting for PPCM Awareness Steering Committee: A ground breaking step forward for The Pumping Marvellous Foundation who have been supporting mothers with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy (PPCM), and helping in every way we can to raise PPCM awareness. A number of mums came together, […]

Missing the Signs of Heart Failure?

Are you missing the signs of Heart Failure? Pumping Marvellous’ campaign on World Heart Day to prevent missing the signs of heart failure. It can be surprisingly easy to miss the signs of heart failure. Misdiagnosis is a common story, leading to unnecessary delays in access to vital, life-saving treatment. Public awareness remains low, which is […]

Heart failure facts

5 Heart failure facts* you probably didn’t know about ‪‎heart failure‬: Without the Heart failure facts we cannot get a grip on how big the problem is and how to make the general public aware of the challenges. Did you know – – One in five people will develop heart failure in their lifetime – […]

What is a BNP test?

What is a BNP test?  BNP ( brain natriuretic peptide ) is a hormone secreted by cardiac cells in response to increased pressure within the heart. BNP helps to regulate the body’s salt and fluid content, and reduces blood pressure.  In patients who have heart failure, BNP levels tend to become greatly elevated during episodes of worsening […]

Heart Skips a beat with the new Pumping Marvellous Toolkit

Heart Skips a beat with the new Pumping Marvellous Toolkit The BHF have got staying alive and now Pumping Marvellous have got “heart skips a beat” by Olly Murs. We would like to thank everybody for their hardwork and dedication in making this video such a success and we really hope it energises people who […]

Molecular 'calcium sponge' to tackle heart failure

Molecular ‘calcium sponge’ to tackle heart failure  Sounds a bit peculiar, interested read on… Researchers at the University of Minnesota’s and the Lillehei Heart Institute have utilised molecular genetic engineering to optimise heart performance in models of diastolic heart failure by creating an optimized protein that can aid in high-speed relaxation similar to fast twitching […]

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