Founding Advocate Lynda Blue

Lynda Blue

Lynda Blue

The heart failure movement loses a founding advocate Lynda Blue

It is with a sad heart that I inform you of the passing of our friend Lynda Blue. Lynda was a pioneer in heart failure. She defined what care looked like for people living with heart failure. Her legacy will live on in how Heart Failure Specialist Nurses continue and go on to be the most important person for the patient in the patient team.

Patient Focussed

Although we only knew her for just over 3 years, she realised how important our job was and became a big advocate of what we do. She was a founding member of our Clinical Board and Angela our clinical lead and I quickly became friends with her. We used to talk about how much we needed to fix and develop things to ensure people with heart failure got the treatments and care they needed.

Huge Achievements

Irrespective of her huge achievements across her career she was a lovely person. She was human and emotionally intelligent. She was a wonderful wife, mother and figurehead for many people, we will all miss her in so many ways. She was a multi-talented person, compassionate from the heart.

She passed away on Saturday 24thNovember 2018 in the afternoon with Donnie and her family at her bedside at the Golden Jubilee Hospital.

You will be missed Lynda but we, like many others will continue to build on the pioneering, marvellous work you did and continued to do throughout your life.

A Privilege

We were privileged to be able to complete a Carpool Consultation with Lynda Blue and Carys Barton circling the Houses of Parliament talking heart failure. Watch it here and give it a like. Carpool Consultation on the Pumping Marvellous Foundation PMTVLive channel with Lynda Blue and her partner in crime Carys Barton


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