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One hundred and one reasons how we’ve helped people and why people with heart failure get considerable help by being part of our powerful online communities.


I was very nervous about procedures, but people on here reassured me, now it’s done and I’m recovering at home


I was so low when diagnosed in August last year, but Nick and the team have really put my mind at rest, eternally grateful x


The peer support is amazing. Just knowing you can talk to someone who really understands.


Just being able to have a voice and get advice from people travelling in the same boat as yourself well that’s just priceless


The peer support is phenomenal, it gives me the knowledge that I’m not alone.


I was floundering until I found this group. I now understand what heart failure is and with the group’s help I have the confidence to talk to my husband’s medical team about his treatment.


I felt abandoned and scared at the beginning. You all helped to point me in the right direction, thank God I found Pumping Marvellous. Many thanks


A newbie diagnosed 5 weeks ago, the HF team in hospital suggested this site. So glad they did


KEEP AWAY FROM DR. GOOGLE. ONLY listen to your cardiologist, heart failure doctors and nurses or your GP, for any medical advice. But for learning and advice on living with this condition on a day-to-day basis the members in this group know what it’s really like.👍.


A group where there is no judgement. Always someone in the same situation


Such a relief to have found this group, I don’t feel so alone and scared, thank you all


I had nursed HF patients in the past, but only when I became ill myself 2 years with HF could I understand the roller coaster of this journey. In those days there was no PM to get advice from so I am eternally grateful this group was set up; it is my daily ‘touch stone’


There is a good part to HF it is Pumping Marvellous. 24/7 support-information and understanding.


I felt so alone and scared when diagnosed, but this group understands, and I’ve learnt so much from other posts. Brilliant support.


People going through the same experience has been invaluable sharing knowledge, with the ups and downs of HF. Family and friends don’t always understand the mental and physical pressures, this group does for which I am forever grateful.


I learned to live a new me, life doesn’t end after diagnosis


To be able to hear other peoples’ experiences. Help others with my own experience.


It’s been comforting to hear other experiences. Have been basically left alone to cope by Dr surgery after being given furosemide


Knowing that I’m not alone on this rollercoaster ride that is HF, the support we get in this group is amazing.


I have learned so much. It is an environment where everyone can speak and share opinions. Heart failure diagnosis is not the end! This group has given me a chance to live my new life. New me.


Knowing that you have total support from the other members, as well as invaluable advice.


Pumping marvellous brought clarity to my world. There were people who understood exactly how I felt.


Pumping Marvellous has given me the courage to manage my heart failure, and the knowledge to know that I can.


It’s nice to be able to ask questions and people don’t judge you it’s just a very good response and you’re guided in the right direction.


Never be afraid to ask, we’ve all been there.


As my husband’s supporter, it has been an amazing resource for me to be able to ask questions from others with similar experiences and to share our experience.


From feeling terrified and sure I was about to die when I got my diagnosis of HF the group has helped put everything into perspective and is always there for me.


Team spirit. The fact of knowing others are worse or the same as yourself and living life to their own fullness is very uplifting on a basis.


This group lets you know that you are not alone, and the emotional support is fantastic


Knowing I’m not alone in my HF journey


This group offers me peace of mind on days when I feel I have nowhere or no-one to turn to. And like a comfort blanket, I feel calmed. Thank you for the 24/7 support you offer us all


When my heart failed so did my spirit. Pumping Marvellous helped me heal and find myself again.


Reassuring safe space that makes you realise you’re not alone x


Safe and supportive community for everyone who is affected by HF. The peer support and ask the professionals is second to none 🙂


Gave me the confidence to manage my husband’s condition and strength to build his confidence


Pumping Marvellous helped immensely when I was at my lowest both physically and mentally. The support is tremendous, you know you are not alone.


Pumping Marvellous, a ‘marvellous’ place to live, learn, support and be supported, with most understanding and helpful kindred spirits. Thank you for giving us all hope for a better future and a better life!


This group gave me great support when I was diagnosed, I really thought I was going to die thanks everyone for telling me not to google, best advice I ever got.


I’m hugely grateful to Pumping Marvellous.
It helps me live with heart failure every day. It gives me a space where others understand and support. It works as a voice for patients to make positive changes & offers the best advice about living well with heart failure.


I don’t feel alone now.


Far more accurate information than Google, provided by those with a true insight of heart failure. Shared experiences and common goals make a heart failure diagnosis a lot less lonely, and coping mechanisms for the physical and mental issues of such a diagnosis are dished out on an hourly basis.


This is a great group enabling me to ask questions and answer questions, to help others. That’s what it’s about


Pumping Marvellous has helped me understand Steve’s (hubby) condition and medication. So much information and positivity for carers as well as those living with the various heart conditions


One of the best helps for me has just been learning that I’m not alone in this, especially with being diagnosed in my 30’s and speaking to people of all ages living with heart failure. I was working in a nursing home during diagnosed and had never heard of heart failure being connected to younger people before


Pumping Marvellous Community has given me tremendous support and information empowering me to ask important questions of my HF team and self-manage my condition as best I can.


Having someone who listens and not listens to reply. You are Heard.


This group provides not only professional knowledge and a chance to share personal experiences but a sense of belonging and hope. I love being part of this group because we all receive and give support and we really care for each other, through good times and bad.


Pumping Marvellous is a place to feel safe and comfortable no matter what your question may be. There are people who understand and who help you through the bad times and offer a friendly supportive ear. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the Foundation.


It’s my husband that has HF. I read post and realise I’m not alone. It can be scary when your first diagnosed but with time it does get a little better.


Finding this site was a beacon of light at a dark time. Giving me hope for the future and making me realise that I had one.


Pumping Marvellous is a place where others completely understand what I am going through and how I feel. I feel supported and it’s a “safe place”.


A real community filled with trust.
Helped me to understand heart failure and how we can manage it. More than just support. A real sense of family.


This community has helped give me a purpose in life and given me strength and reassurance in my most challenging of times! It’s inspired me to fight hard but also help people in every way I can! The people in the group inspire me to live life to the fullest


No longer felt alone with HF.


Learning that Google is so unreliable but the support and knowledge from this Pumping Marvellous Group is 10/10 🙂


PM makes me feel I’m not totally alone on this journey. People here genuinely care and understand.


My husband is the one with HF and without this group I know I could never have coped with his diagnosis; I have never felt so supported. Thank you.


I know that without Pumping Marvellous my own heart failure management & quality of life would be different.
They have helped to educate me immensely with their materials – which are developed by patients, for patients in a language that speaks volumes. Thank You Pumping Marvellous.


Pumping Marvellous has made me feel I’m not on my own with heart failure.


So thankful for this group. I Googled after my diagnosis and that was absolutely the worst thing to do. PM has provided great advice and information. I’ve been able to use this in consultations with my heart team. Reassuring and empowering.


The group lifted me from being scared to feeling positive.


To find there are others who know how you feel and what you’re going through


Nice to not feel alone


A problem shared is a problem halved


Pumping Marvelous helps keep me grounded. Reading posts from other members is informative and helps me to put things into perspective.


Amazing just Amazing, helped me so much and don’t feel alone anymore and everyone is amazing


I think this team is wonderful. Could not have got through HF without them I live alone was not told much about HF and all I had to do was come unto the site and ask. All great people they have time for you at any time of the day or night. Love them all.


Pumping Marvellous and this group has instilled the feeling that I can live a near normal life and helps me to forget about my HF. It especially helps knowing that you are never alone on this journey.


And thank you pumping marvellous.


A wonderful supportive group to help through the tough times and celebrate and appreciate the good times! I’d be lost and scared without it!


Caring for an elderly husband with HF is daunting and terrifying. PM has given me so much insight to this condition. Amazing People! Amazing Support Group. Thanks x


PM makes me feel supported, informed and less lonely on this journey. The members keep me inspired and pushing forwards at a sensible pace, forever grateful for everything x


The help and support we received from Pumping Marvellous after my diagnosis inspired me and gave me the drive never to give up. It also inspired me to provide the same support to others in the group and especially newly diagnosed and frightened members. We’ve made some wonderful friends.


This wonderful group has given me hope, and the strength to keep my husband going. And I’m just the carer. X


A place where you can admit to feeling exhausted without being judged. You are totally supported.


Pumping Marvellous is a safe space where I can share my experiences with others who are going through the same things as I am.


Anytime you need to know anything you can ask the lovely people of this group, and someone will have an answer for you 💗😀💗


Caring… … And very supportive and helpful in so many ways 💖 don’t feel alone! And can relate to how you’re feeling and understand. Thank you ❣️ grateful & appreciate PM


Invaluable support and advice in your darkest moments when first diagnosed.


Where you come to and know you are understood, not judged & get support when the support stops in your real life


PM people helped me to see it is possible to improve yourself in this condition and gave me the tools to build my new way. Thanks to PM, I feel I’m living well with HF, differently, but well.


Inspiration and information alongside encouragement and support. Thank you so much.


I’ve learnt more here, than from the hospital, about my condition.


HF happens to young people too, and because of Pumping Marvellous I no longer feel alone in this fight


It makes me feel supported, informed with shared experience and occasionally amused


My partner was diagnosed with HF in January. He doesn’t ask questions, only has reviews via phone, so we know nothing!! This site has been invaluable x


This group lifted me out of despair when first diagnosed. It educates, supports, and gives comfort.


It is a positive help to me remembering that I am not alone.


When I was first diagnosed, I felt as though I had been left floundering. I found PM through the BHF website and since then I haven’t looked back. I have found information, guidance and peer support has been invaluable. I am proud to be a Patient Educator and Moderater for the Foundation. Peer support is so important to group members and their family. I feel that is helpful to speak to like-minded people who really understand, and I have made some new friends along the way The information is up to date, factual, contains patient input, and endorsed by professionals.
Pumping Marvellous provides a platform which gives patients a voice. I feel that being a Patient Educator enables me to support others and be more proactive helping to initiate change for patients going forwards. I love learning about new treatments and ongoing research in Heart Failure. I am so grateful to you, Nick, for founding this charity as I know there was nothing like this even when my dad was going through HF 13 years ago a group like this would really have helped him. Pumping Marvellous is an invaluable support for those people with a diagnosis of HF.


The wonderful friends I have made here are important to me. The security to show your mental and physical weaknesses knowing you won’t be judged or criticised gives me the courage to reach out for help.


To me it is the friendship group and other members comments that I can relate to. This has made the whole journey more bearable, and my partner loves the site as well.


Somewhere to ask for advice, regardless of how trivial, without feeling stupid!


It’s great to be in touch with other people who have same symptoms as yourself. Nobody knows how bad you feel unless you have experienced it, it is the most frightening feeling being out of breath.


But for Pumping Marvellous I’d be a shriveled bundle in the corner. PM’s booklets gave me the hope to, if not beat it, but to appreciate the days we have. The comradeship, help and comfort that I’ve found on the Facebook Page is brilliant. I would hope everyone diagnosed with HF is directed to PM by their HF medics.


So much positive information puts mind at rest.

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