Clinical Academy for Heart Failure Specialists

The Pumping Marvellous Foundation is focussed on helping heart failure specialists to gather the best possible information to help them give the very best treatments and care to heart failure patients and there families. We also want to make sure that heart failure specialists can give the patient the very best knowledge and encouragement to self-manage their condition.

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Find Heart Failure Nurse Teams across the UK with Just Heart Failure 

Primary HF toolkits for Primary Care – In development

Heart Failure Nurse Community Forum on Facebook

List of clinical trials in heart failure – In development

British Society for Heart Failure – Nurse Forum

British Society for Heart Failure

2018 NICE Chronic Heart Failure Guidelines – what you need to know in Primary Care a crib sheet

Iron deficiency in heart failure 

Heart Failure Nurse Audit 2018

Pumping Marvellous Foundation video resource PMTVLive

Iron Deficiency and Anaemia in Heart Failure – A clinicians resource (in development)