Patient Educator Awards

The Pumping Marvellous Foundation awards people patient educator badges for many reasons –

  • Involvement in an event representing the Pumping Marvellous Foundation as a patient educator
  • Conference involvement representing the Pumping Marvellous Foundation as a patient educator
  • Involvement in the production of  media for the foundation including booklet, video production
  • Representing the charity at meetings including advocacy at NHS England, NICE and local STP and CCG meetings

The list is endless and people can be awarded bronze, silver, gold, sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamond badges. You start with a bronze and move up the ranks.

Platinum Patient Educator awards

These awards are for exceptional service to heart failure whether this be a singular event or consistently over a period of time. They are chosen by patients and the operations team of the charity.

Black Patient Educator awards

These are the highest awards that we can bestow on an individual. This is not just for exceptional service but for individuals that have inspired communities. They are chosen by the patients, operations team and Trustees of the charity.

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People who have been awarded educator awards

Current Bronze Award

Kevin Mashford

Winifried Klausnitzer

Steve Macari

Lucy Ace

Abdallah Al Mohammad

Fozia Ahmed

Lisa Anderson

Marc Baines

Herve Bessieres

Phoebe Blag

David Blair

Alison Blenkinsopp

Emma Braithwaite

Liz Breene

Clare Brooke

Andrew Brown

Deborah Budding

Diane Butler

Amy Clark

Andrew Clark

Louise Clayton

Sarah Clarke

Jillianne Code

Jonathan D Ellis

Morag Dalgleish

Julie Decourcey

Nasa Emode

Betsy Evans

Charlotte Farron

Robert Ferman

Beck Gibbs Brown

Lucy Girdler-Heald

John Greenwood

Margaret Greenwood

Paula Heesom

Ann Heesom

Leanne Hill

Janine Hogan

Jonathan Howlett

Tania Hyde

Nick Ibrahim

Rosie James

Paul Kalra

Linder Kapenzi

Sam Kapetanakis

Sadia Khan

Rani Khatib

Stephen Kirkham

Catrin Kissick

Barbara Lund

Ray Lund

Alexander Lyon

Annie MacCallum

Gretchen Marchesani

Jayne Masters

Mel Moon

Jim Moore

John Morgan

Tammy Murray

Priya Narayan

Gill Nichols

Will Nicholson

Paul O’Grady

Sue Payne

Mark Petrie

Graham Plant

Michelle Pugh

David Ratcliffe

Janet Reid

Alison Smith

Ted Robbins

Joel Rose

Dargoi Satchi

Sarah Shelton

Silapiya Smith

Mark Squirrel

Rick Steeds

Michelle Sullivan

Martin Thomas

Laura Tremlin

Shaun Virani

Adrian Washbourne

Lisa Whelan

Current Silver Award

Rhys Williams

Mike Cleverley

Prof Toby Richards

Carys Barton

Rehab Baruah

Lynda Blue

Andrew Britton

Michaela Heselton

Laura Shaw

Paula Smallman

Sarah Vause

Janey Wayne

Jenny Welstand

Mark Wilson

Current Gold Level 1

Rich Cleverley

Dr Clare Taylor

Abigail Findley

John Kinnaird

Caroline Simmons

Current Gold Level 2

Lorna Cooper

Nigel Freeman

Current Gold Level 3

Annette Tremlin

Current Gold Level 4

Alenna Allan

Jez Squires

Rob Marchment

Current Gold Level 5

Sarah-Jayne Renshall

Current Sapphire Level

Current Ruby Level

Sam Redmond-Lyon

Current Emerald Level

Pierre Dale

Current Diamond Level

Dan Smith

Julie Bartlett

Current Platinum Level

Julie Bartlett

Lynda Blue

Carlos Castro

Jillianne Code

Donna Cook

Lorna Cooper

Martin Cowie

John Crosby

Sebastian Gaiser

Michelle Glentworth

Dan Grant

Robert Hall

John Kinnaird

Jean Leonard

Alex Lyons

Ros Meek

Gill Nichols

Sam Redmond-Lyon

Janet Reid

Sarah-Jayne Renshall

Caroline Simmons

Mrs Smith

Nisha Tailor

Annette Tremlin

Jenny Welstand

Current Black Level

Julie Bartlett

Deborah Budding

Angela Graves

Sam Redmond Lyon

Rob Marchment

Martin Cowie

Dargoi Satchi

Dan Smith

Dawn Robinson