Good communication helps improve outcomes for heart patients - credit AHA

Good communication helps improve outcomes for heart patients

Patients who said they communicated effectively with their healthcare providers were more likely to report the use of prescribed statin drugs and aspirin Patients with hardened arteries who reported good communication with their healthcare providers were less likely to use the emergency room and more likely to comply with their treatment plans, according to a […]

Generation NOW – How Do Health Systems Cope?

Generation NOW – How Do Health Systems Cope?

Generation Now – The Patient Revolution   As life races forward and humans play catch up with the ever increasing pace of “on demand” satisfaction to life’s queries. If you want an answer now, no problem, Google will satisfy the answer you need and throw alternatives into the mix. Due to increased accessibility to knowledge, […]

Social Network Support for Heart Failure? – NIHR CLAHRC Wessex Research

Social Network Support for Heart Failure? – NIHR Research

NIHR CLAHRC Wessex – How Social Network Community Support Aids Management of Long-Term Conditions – Can You Help? Our friends at the National Institute for Health Research CLAHRC Wessex are calling for people with Heart Failure and other long term conditions to help inform them of the help they receive from social network and online support groups to […]

Flu Vaccination Reduces HF Hospitalisations

Research shows reduced hospitalisations for heart failure patients with annual flu vaccination   “Patients with heart failure have a substantially increased risk of admission to hospital, and a proportion of these admissions are thought to be related to influenza (flu) infection, or at least triggered by an influenza infection.”   Whether the flu vaccination can reduce […]

The Marvellous Disciplinary Team

The Marvellous Disciplinary Team

What happens when you leave patients to develop their own multidisciplinary team? – Introducing The Marvellous Disciplinary Team   After the launch of Pumping Marvellous in June 2010, and listening intently to other patients and their challenges, we quickly realised that the multidisciplinary team (MDT) wasn’t enabled in HF across the UK. An out-of-date opinion […]

Nick-Hartshorne-Evans heart failure pie British Journal Cardiac Nursing Guest Editorial

Team Sky and the Heart Failure Pie: How to Optimise the MDT

Team Sky and the heart failure pie: how to optimise the MDT Nick Hartshorne-Evans, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Pumping Marvellous Foundation and President of iHHub, The Global Heart Failure Alliance discusses how to optimise the Heart Failure MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team) Published Volume 10 Issue 10: British Journal of Cardiac Nursing: Guest Editorial: Nick Hartshorne […]

Heart failure patient quote

Heart failure patient quote The UK’s heart failure charity the Pumping Marvellous Foundation receives lot’s of very pertinent quotes from it’s members on what’s it like to live with heart failure. Once in a while one turns up and as somebody who lives with heart failure knows it really resonates. This quote so understandable from […]

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